Amusement Rides

Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels can be an extremely relaxing ride. Set your mind to it and anything is possible! Come and experience breathtaking view of the KK International Airport and surrounding areas and write your own story about your visit to Happy Land.


Cycle through the fantastic trails of Happy Land amusement park, where you get the opportunity to experience nature and adventure.
Restrictions: persons with cardiac surgery, prosthetics, pregnancy, diabetes, Asthmatics, Epileptics, Obesity and visually impaired.

Jet Pilot

Fly in a jet and experience this exciting ride! Riding in the jet is a real adventure, feel the blood rushing through your veins when you soar in the sky as the plane makes those down and up movements.

Flying Chair

Do you envy birds flying and imagine how it feals? Riding the flying chairs gives you same exposure as birds get when flying. Experience the flying environment at its full when the ride is fully operational and gain incoperable happiness.
Restrictions – Children between 110cm-120cm must ride with an adult.

Roller coaster

Feel like you are on top of the world with the wind rushing through your hair, the blood pumping through your veins and a scream escaping from the very depths of your soul! A scream of excitement, exhilaration, fear and pure heaven.
Restrictions – Those with high blood pressure, heart disease, or a heart rhythm disorder (atrial fibrillation).


The excitement you feel while riding carousel is priceless, and one of the main reasons for your love for funfair rides. You will find it fascinating to sit on those figures and enjoy the speed. You will find others enjoying that same fun.
Restrictions – Those with high blood pressure, heart disease, or a heart rhythm disorder (atrial fibrillation)

Paddle Boat

One of the best activities with the right amount of fun and exercise. Pedaling through the water is a wonderful experience and a way to get fresh air and take in the natural beauty of Happy Land. Boating as a hobby leads to a happy and healthy lifestyle. This leisurely activity helps you explore life on water while enjoying a sense of freedom.
Restrictions – over weight

Pirate Ship

Experience the hilarious moment when laughter turns into shrieks of terror while on a swinging pirate ship ride at a fairground.
Restrictions- High blood pressure, heart conditions, pregnancy etc.

Bumper cars

Bumper cars are thrilling. Bumping into somebody purposely without getting hurt is what makes it even more entertaining. Since there is no restriction of going on a particular route or following the traffic rules, you get to enjoy the liberty of being yourself .
Restrictions – Anyone with broken bones or existing neck or back problems should not ride

Explore our Wonder Land

Visit us today and explore our Wonder Land.
With so much activities for everyone, we guarantee your courtesy visit to Happy Land will be fun and happy filled.