About Us


Welcome to Our Wonder Land.

We are an associate of Happy Land Africa and Zambia’s first ever topnotch amusement and theme park. We offer an assortment of rides, restaurants, bars and a variety of entertainment outlets to all the age groups and serve as a template for the rest.

  • Live Performances.
  • Amusement Rides.
  • Restaurants.
  • Nature & Wildlife.
  • Kids Play.

To be the Amusement fun park first class hub throughout Africa.

Ensure your Weekend Away experiences are memorable

Be a park which provides a safe, & enjoyable network of recreational pathways.

Offer interesting amenities & facilities that provide recreation experience.

Apart from natural habitations, everything at Happy Land is a masterpiece of dazzling technology to engage and delight vacationers afar and those within driving distances providing our visitors happy moments all the way. 

We offer family friendly attractions to nostalgic and the budget conscious alike.

From Ferris wheel to Flying chair, Roller coaster to Jet pilot, Pirate ship to bumper car, Teapot head to paddle boat and plenty more including modern hotels, event areas for your parties, weddings and other functions, Live music and DJs, bars and restaurants for those chill drinks and delicious meals, wildlife as well as kids games we have them all for you under one umbrella.

Explore our Wonder Land

Visit us today and explore our Wonder Land.
With so much activities for everyone, we guarantee your courtesy visit to Happy Land will be fun and happy filled.