Chef 187, T Sean put up marvel performances

…….As patrons vibed along

Chef 187 sings ‘tuleya tulekula’ as Happy Land takes fun-time to another level hosting musicians for live performances giving patrons motives to choose the amusement park as preferred entertainment destination. 

On the weekend of 16th and 17th October 2022, the live music enthusiasts were made to prolong their visit to Happy Land theme park taken by the performance of Zambia’s Numero Uno, Chef 187 and T Sean.

Supported by Classic Greg and Ariel and the Band, Chef 187 put up a performance very valuable and the patrons responded with excitement and stayed till late afraid of missing any action.

In Chef 187 style, he dropped them old and new while showcasing utmost on the stage performance which left the crowd in wonderment. 

Prior to his performance, Classic Greg and the crew treated the audience to some beautiful live songs that all those around could at least make some body movements in reacting to the tunes.

On Sunday, 17th October 2022, it was another performance by T Sean. We all like that, musicians as Sean need it. Ultimately it matters more because it is hosted at Happy Land where it is live, symbiotic and everybody need it.

Surely, Sean on stage collaborates with his audience, rides the ebb flow of the crowd’s energy. On the very day, DJ Milky Way got on the deck as he dropped them delectably.

An international Band led by Vukha Mkhaya spiced up the show with legendary performances. Mkhaya while on his African tour made unrehearsed appearance on the stage to lit up the moments and performed profoundly leaving the crowds yearning for more.

Exile! Always a stage performer

Exile knows how to put on a show, and enjoys performing, and always does that because his audience always reverent to what he does onstage.

He was the main performing musician at Happy Land on 23rd October 2022 which left the majority visitors to the park flock to the near-stage and others joined in the entertainment.

“After we have left sure?” Nelly Musonda Hamweemba appeared to be disappointed after missing out on the performance of Exile. 

Another Exile’s fan wrote “my favourite” in appreciation of the performances by Exile as she followed the live performances from some distant place.

Later, DJ Milky Way carried on as he dropped them nice and better to keep the music mood alive as patrons demanded for more.

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